Shillong (Meghalaya), India

Brief Introduction and FAQs

  • Major Attractions: Waterfalls (Nohkalikai Falls, Elephant Falls), Living Root Bridges, Umiam Lake, Caves (Mawsmai).
  • Major Expenditure: I found accommodation in Shillong was generally overpriced but at the end got a good deal through AirBnB (Magnolia BnB which doesn’t have attached bathroom though separate but outside the room, it is recommended to check the room properly if booking online since two rooms are very good and other two with separate single beds are not so good)= Rs. 2000/night/room.Transport = Rs 2500 to Rs. 3500/day depending upon distance and kind of car (hatchback/sedan/SUV), public transport is also available at a nominal price.Flight ticket to Guwahati and back.
  • About the Place: Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya ( one of the 7 sisters i.e. 7 Northeastern states in India) surrounded by beautiful and mesmerising places like Cherrapunji ( once famous as wettest place on earth), waterfalls, caves, unique Living Root Bridges etc.

Day 1: Arrive at Guwahati Airport:

From the airport many Shared taxis are available which charge around Rs. 300 (this was in March’17 and might have increased at bit by now since the fuel charges have increased sharply). Also Prepaid Taxis and OLA outstation cabs are available. I booked an OLA outstation cab and found it cheaper then Prepaid Taxi (Rs. 1700/- if shared by four is a very good deal). On the way is the beautiful Umiam Lake. Rest of the day can be well spent for local Sightseeing.


Umiam Lake
Resting Boats @ Umiam Lake


Day 2: This day was spent exploring Cheerapunji, Nohkalkai Falls, Seven Sisters Fall, Elephant Falls and various caves. Though the places were good but since it was the month of March the falls had very less water specially the Seven Sister falls, also I personally didn’t like the Elephant Falls that much. But the Nohkalkai Fall was a great attraction (also the story behind the Name of the fall is sad and thrilling).

Nohkalikai Falls


Day 3: Since the previous day did not offer the greatest of the views, this day had to be an extraordinary one and as per the expectation this day offered great views of Single Deck Root Bridge, Mawlynnong Village and Dwaki River.

Single Decker Root Bridge
Single Decker Root Bridge
Single Decker Root Bridge


Day 4: This day was mainly spent trekking to the Double Decker Root Bridge. I loved natural swimming pool more than anything on this day.

The Double Decker Root Bridge
Water falling into the Natural Swimming Pool
On the way to Double Decker Root Bridge

This was the end of the trip to the world’s highest rainfall region having great attractions and may crystal clear water bodies. Next day was the departure day.

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